Behind the Drop: Mike Tyson x Cory Van Lew, OpenSea CEO & More

🥊 Behind the Drop: Mike Tyson x Cory Van Lew

Boxing legend Mike Tyson and rising star artist Cory Van Lew are set to release their NFT collaboration tomorrow at 4 pm EST on OpenSea.

For our latest episode of “Behind the Drop,” we went behind-the-scenes of the collaboration, capturing Van Lew’s journey of creation from his home studio to meeting the former heavyweight champion at Tyson Ranch.

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🎙️ $2B+ NFT Summer With OpenSea CEO Devin Finzer

Leading secondary marketplace OpenSea is currently experiencing record sales volume, already exceeding $1 billion for the month of August with two weeks to go.

In our latest podcast episode, we checked in with OpenSea co-founder and CEO Devin Finzer to discuss the booming NFT Summer and what’s next for the platform.

“We were completely flabbergasted by the last couple weeks and the month of August so far is just insane,” he says. “It really feels like a brand new internet… a lot of trends people have been talking about for a long time are coming together.”

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📈 Floor to Ceiling

Floor to Ceiling is a new weekly section that tracks the price action of prominent NFT projects, featuring a varied assortment of blue chips and trending collections. Below you’ll find the current lowest price (floor), and highest sale (ceiling) for a single token in a given collection, as well as the original mint price for reference.

💥 Quick Hits

  • SuperRare launched its 2.0 platform, including its $RARE curation token, independently curated Spaces, SuperRare DAO, and custom smart contracts.

  • TIME announced a collaboration with Cool Cats to give away for 400 NFTs in a meme competition.

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club announced a collaboration with streetwear brand The Hundreds dropping Saturday, August 21st.

  • A full set of 0xDeafbeef series 0-5 sold for 2,275 ETH ($6,930,029) today, representing the highest bundle sale price ever recorded on OpenSea.

  • CryptoPunk rapper Spottie WIFI sold 2000 music NFTs in seconds today. His album project I’m Spottie has done 87.7 ETH ($572,780) in sales volume to date.

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