Demystifying DAOs with pplpleasr, NFT Summer & More

🎙️ Demystifying DAOs with pplpleasr

The rise of collector DAOs is an important trend to watch in the NFT space, allowing communities to compete with crypto whales in marquee sales. pleasrDAO has been at the forefront of this movement, winning seven-figure auctions for notable NFTs by Edward Snowden, Tor Project, and the creator of the original Doge meme.

In our latest podcast episode, we spoke to “spiritual godmother” pplpleasr about her Uniswap auction that led to pleasrDAO’s creation, the intersection of NFTs and DeFi, and why DAOs are a “Silicon Valley wet dream.”

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🌞 Welcome to NFT Summer

NFT summer is officially in full swing. Three Arrows Capital kicked off the festivities last week by snatching up 100 CryptoPunks (88 in one transaction block after reportedly bribing a miner) and sweeping the floor of notable Art Blocks Curated sets, sending the markets into full-blown froth. Blue chip OG artist XCopy even immortalized the moment in a new 1/1 that sold for more than 336 ETH ($838,344) on SuperRare.

Here are a few takeaways from a wild week in the metaverse:

  • The CryptoPunks floor currently sits at 49 ETH ($141,582) following the spending spree. Bolstered by news of a Christie’s auction, Bored Ape Yacht Club’s floor is now over 15 ETH ($43,397).

  • Notable newcomers to OpenSea’s top-ten include digital trading card game Parallel Alpha (6,281 ETH sales volume, up 1,991%), generative avatar project Animetas (4,892 ETH sales volume, up 7,822%), and Tom Sachs Rocket Factory (4,681 ETH sales volume), offering branded NFT components to assemble real-life rockets.

  • Keep an eye on OG projects that are being rediscovered by a new generation of collectors. After lying relatively dormant for months, projects like Curio Cards (4,535 ETH sales volume, up 8,671%), Mooncats (1,194 ETH sales volume, up 2,094%), and Crypto Arte (1,030 ETH sales volume, up 322,900%) have seen their floors rise dramatically over the past week.

  • Crypto art 1/1s on SuperRare are seeing increased attention, with pieces by the likes of XCopy, Hackatao, Fewocious, Coldie, and Yura Miron changing hands.

Some projects to watch:

  • Justin Aversano’s Twin Flames series continues to break uncharted territory for a photography NFT project with a floor of 60 ETH ($172,776). He has an upcoming Christie’s auction scheduled for October 6th.

  • Held by market-moving collectors like Pranksy and digitalartchick, World of Women has seen its floor (0.425 ETH) rise more than 700% over the past week.

  • The floor for Pepe the Frog creator Matt Furie’s PEGZ project has now climbed to 85 ETH ($244,915). The auction for Peg #090 reached 166 ETH ($477,814) today.

  • Created by NFT42 co-founder NateAlex in 2020, Chainfaces could be poised for a significant run after adding category filters to demystify rarity traits on OpenSea. His other project SquigglyWTF has also seen its floor rise to 16.5 ETH ($48,907).

  • Loopify announced the genesis launch of his Treeverse MMO blockchain game and sold out the 10,000 founders plots in one hour.

đź’Ą Quick Hits

  • Ether has rallied after the activation of Ethereum’s much-anticipated London upgrade yesterday, which contains the EIP-1559 update that changes how transaction fees are calculated and burns a portion with each transaction.

  • Christie’s announced its first NFT auction in Asia with No Time Like Present, featuring CryptoPunks, Bored Apes, Meebits and more.

  • Boxer Mike Tyson announced a collaborative NFT drop with artist Cory Van Lew on OpenSea for August 19th.

  • Superstar footballer Lionel Messi is taking his talents to the NFT space with Ethernity Chain.

  • Cent - the platform that Twitter founder Jack Dorsey used to sell his first tweet - raised $3 million with investors like Galaxy Interactive, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and Mark Pincus.

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