How SuperRare Turned Curation Over to The Community, Plasma Bears, On1Force & More

🎙️ How SuperRare Turned Curation Over to The Community

On August 17th, SuperRare announced the launch of its $RARE curation token and SuperRare Network, including independently curated storefronts called Spaces, a SuperRare DAO and custom smart contract support.

In our latest podcast episode, we caught up with co-founder/CEO John Crain to discuss entrusting the community with curation and the platform’s future.

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🐻 Return of the Plasma Bears

Unearthing OG projects has been all the rage recently, leading to seven-figure sales for once-forgotten collections like EtherRocks. The latest one to return to the spotlight is Plasma Bears, an early 2019 project by Coin Artist’s Blockade Games that allowed gamers to assemble collectible bears with parts designed by various artists. One of those artists happened to be XCOPY, who has gone on to become a blue-chip crypto artist whose 1/1 pieces command sales up to 1,000 ETH (more than $3 million).

Coin Artist recently shared this spreadsheet showing which artists designed which bears. XCOPY designed the bears numbered 22, 23 and 24, and there appear to be only 22 complete XCOPY bears in existence, plus a handful of bears containing one or more XCOPY parts.

While savvy OGs like Coldie and Matt Kane picked up a few XCOPY bears back in March, the project mostly eluded widespread attention until recently. Last night, Gary Vaynerchuk collected a complete set of three XCOPY bears for 146 total ETH ($451,700) and spurred a gold rush that propelled the project into OpenSea’s top-10 in 24-hour sales volume. Another complete XCOPY bear sold for 100 ETH ($309,384) and a partial one sold for 33 ETH ($102,097) soon after.

At time of publication, only four complete XCOPY bears were listed for sale between 100 and 800 ETH, as well as a couple partial bears. Given the market appetite for both early XCOPY works and collectibles, these bears are worth keeping an eye on.

👨‍🎤 On1Force Ascending

Insurgent avatar project 0N1 Force has exploded over the past few days. Boasting an an active Discord community, 0N1 has moved more than 30,589 ETH ($95.2 million) in sales volume and secured endorsements from the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk, Logan Paul, Steve Aoki, FaZe Banks, KSI and 888.

After its launch on August 19th at 0.07777 ETH per mint (7,777 max supply), floor prices ballooned overnight and have settled around 4 ETH. With an ambitious roadmap promising giveaways, merchandise, a community-based RPG, and comic books, the devs certainly have their work cut out for them. But with their first derivative contest already underway, and some big-name collaborations supposedly on the horizon, the project looks increasingly likely to have long-term legs. — Langston Thomas

📈 Floor to Ceiling

Floor to Ceiling is a weekly section that tracks the price action of prominent NFT projects, featuring a handpicked assortment of blue chips and trending collections. Below you’ll find the current lowest price (floor), and highest sale (ceiling) for a single token in a given collection, as well as the original mint price for reference.

💥 Quick Hits

  • Visa announced its purchase of a CryptoPunk and sent the project’s floor soaring to 77 ETH ($237,592).

  • Art Blocks has seen its three highest sales ever over the past 12 days, including Fidenza #313 for 1,000 ETH, Fidenza #772 for 777 ETH and Chromie Squiggle #3784 for 750 ETH.

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club revealed that its mysterious and highly-anticipated Mutants launch would take place Saturday.

  • Budweiser changed its Twitter avatar to a Toms Sachs Rocket Factory rocket and spent 30 ETH for the beer.eth ENS domain.

  • Portion and Palm announced a collaboration between top crypto artist XCOPY and rapper Lil Pump… except they’d been duped by an XCOPY impersonator.

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